1-Year-Old Boy Chokes and is Saved with LifeVac by his Mother – #409

LifeVac registers the 409th life saved

It was reported to us in June that a 1-year-old boy choked on a plantain chip causing a partial obstruction. LifeVac was used two times and successfully dislodged the obstruction saving the child’s life.

Here is the mom’s testimonial:

“Our baby boy had a smaller sized plantain chip that are usually at the bottom of the bag. He regularly ate the larger ones, but it seems he swallowed a small piece without fully chewing it. I could hear he had a problem swallowing and breathing. I immediately used the LifeVac and I heard a big gasp of air that he took. I knew that it dislodged and he was breathing normally after crying.” Absolutely saved his life!”