1-Year-Old Little Girl Chokes on Crayon Goes Unconscious and is Saved by LifeVac Device – #392

LifeVac proudly shares news of our 392nd life saved

A 1-year-old little girl choked on a crayon causing a total obstruction. Choking rescue procedures were followed by her father.  The precious child went unconscious. We are so thankful they had a LifeVac!

“It was a normal day of household chores and the kids playing. In fact, I had literally just finished vacuuming where the kids were coloring and playing. We turned our backs for a second to do a few other things, my husband looked over at her, and she was choking. Blue. No air moving at all. She was unresponsive and limp. He grabbed her and performed back blows, I grabbed our LifeVac and we worked to get her breathing for what seemed like an eternity. We finally got her to come to and the crayon dislodged but she just couldn’t stay conscious. We immediately called 911 and they took us by ambulance to the ER. By the grace of God, she was ok. Her vitals improved when the paramedics got to our house and they kept us at the hospital for a while for observation. She’s ok today and back to her spunky self but it could have turned out so much worse. Our sweet girl wouldn’t be here if it weren’t for LifeVac.”

Toddler baby girl saved by LifeVac from Choking