11-Month-Old Chokes on Strawberry and is Saved with LifeVac – #475

LifeVac is proud to announce our 475th life saved

On August 27th an 11-month-old baby boy choked on a strawberry causing a partial obstruction.

Here is the testimonial from the child’s mother:

“The LifeVac dislodged a piece of strawberry that was causing my son troubles breathing, he wasn’t able to get it up on his own or with assistance from me performing blows to his back. It took one time using the LifeVac and he was instantly fine”  “I was freaked out and unable to help my son when I grabbed the LifeVac on the counter. I wasn’t even sure I used it properly when my son started breathing normally again!! It took me a moment to realize there was a piece of strawberry inside the LifeVac and it had completely cleared his airways, saving his life.”