2-Year-Old Boy Chokes on Bread and Grandmother Saves Him with LifeVac – #379

LifeVac registers its 379th life saved

On June 3rd a two-year-old little boy from Florida choked on a clump of white bread.  The food caused a total blockage of his airway at first. The little boy was with his grandmother at the time of the choking incident.  Choking rescue procedures were performed but failed.  The child was laid across the adult’s lap and LifeVac was administered 1 time.  LifeVac successfully dislodged the obstruction opening up the child’s airway.

“My mom was the one with my son but she is familiar with LifeVac and she has one at her home as well. He was starting to breathe and cry at the onset of use so she did not need to keep plunging.”