2-Year-Old Boy Chokes on Lollipop and is Saved with LifeVac – #376

LifeVac is happy to share news of our 376th life saved

It was reported to us that on May 31st a 2-year-old boy from Pennsylvania choked on a lollipop.  The child had gone to the doctors and afterward, they stopped at CVS to pick up a prescription.  The young boy was given a lollipop.

After arriving home, the child was enjoying the candy when the sucker detached from the stick.  The child was in distress and turning blue.  The sucker completely blocked his airway.  Choking rescue procedures were performed but failed to dislodge the sucker.  Thankfully the family had a LifeVac and on the second attempt, the child was able to breathe.  Police showed up first on the scene and then the EMTs who had heard about the LifeVac device.  The child was evaluated and given a clean bill of health.

“I feel it helped move the blockage, saving his life.  I purchased the LifeVac after seeing a video of a stranger helping save a child’s life.  We currently have one in the vehicle and the one that was used yesterday.”


376th life saved by LifeVac