36-Year-Old Chokes Heimlich Fails and LifeVac is Used to Save His Life – #388

LifeVac registers its 388th life saved

It was reported to us that on June 9th a 36-year-old man with swallowing issues choked while eating an apple strudel.  It is one of the foods he loves and eats often. The food completely blocked his airway.  The Heimlich was performed but was unsuccessful.  His wife retrieved the LifeVac quickly, laid her husband down, and applied the LifeVac.  On the second attempt, the obstruction was dislodged.  After the obstruction was removed to their disbelief, they saw there was a piece of a blue latex glove inside the strudel.

We are so thankful he is okay!

Apple StrudelApple strudel had a latex glove inside