4-Year-Old Boy Saved with LifeVac – #319

We are thrilled to share news of our 319th life saved

On April 8th it was reported to us that a 4-year-old little boy choked on an orange slice causing a total esophagus blockage.  The child has a narrow esophagus due to a medical condition known as TOFS. The young boy was visiting his aunt’s family the day the choking incident occurred.  The Heimlich was performed but failed to remove the obstruction.  We are thankful his aunt had a LifeVac in her home.  The child was laid down and LifeVac was utilized by his mother.  On the second attempt, the orange piece was dislodged.

“The LifeVac saved my nephew a trip to the ER and potential surgery.  It saved his life!”

319th Life Saved