Good Samaritan Saves 2-Year-Old Boy with LifeVac Device – #420

LifeVac is thrilled to share news of our 420th life saved

On July 4th we received news of another Good Samaritan saving the life of a child. A 2-year-old boy choked on a grape causing a partial obstruction. A mom whose son has Cerebral Palsy purchased LifeVac as her son is prone to choking and has seizures.  While at her son’s friend’s home the little boy began choking on a full grape. The child’s mom attempted the Heimlich maneuver but unfortunately, that method failed. Tiffany grabbed her LifeVac from her son’s bag, assembled it, and saved the child’s life.

“He cried and then vomited up the grape. Then he was okay”

We are so thankful that this precious little boy was saved!

420th life saved by LifeVac