LifeVac announces our 384th life saved.

It was reported to us from our UK partners that LifeVac was deployed in another care home in a choking emergency.

“A new care group we welcomed to the LifeVac family not so long ago, that equipped LifeVac within all of their homes, had to deploy LifeVac when a resident began to choke.”

A female resident who resides in a care home in South Yorkshire began to choke on built-up thick mucus/sputum. Staff acted quickly and accordingly delivered BLS first aid choking protocol. As the elderly resident relies on a wheelchair for daily tasks, these attempts proved difficult and were unable to dislodge the airway obstruction.

A staff member quickly grabbed their LifeVac device from the wall-mounted kit and on the first PLACE – PUSH – PULL motion, while the resident was still sitting in her wheelchair, dislodged the airway obstruction helping save her life.

“Device worked very well” — Home Manager