LifeVac Registers 66th Life Saved – Toddler

LifeVac is thrilled to announce another precious toddler’s life saved using the choking first aid LifeVac. Below is the mother’s account of the incident.

Mom’s testimonial:

"We bought the LifeVac a couple a months ago after we had a traumatic choking experience with our then 22 month old son. He choked on a chicken nugget and we were scared to death. We did research to see what the best device to have in our home in case that situation arouse again, hoping it wouldn’t, and found the LifeVac. It stays in his diaper bag so it is everywhere we go! Today our son, now two, was eating grapes, we were right beside him so we did not think to cut them. An entire grape got lodged into his throat where he could barely get air. My husband is a Police Officer so his first instinct was to do the Heimlich, it was unsuccessful. Rawlings became unconscious and to seize. I used the LifeVac on him and dislodged the grape bringing him back conscious, I pressed his stomach to bring the grape the rest of the way out! We are so thankful we did not have to for the ambulance and LifeVac was able to save our baby!"