LifeVac Registers 74th Life Saved

We are delighted to share news of another child saved with LifeVac! A 13-month-old boy was saved with LifeVac by his mother when he began choking on a pretzel.  The child was not able to make a sound and unable to breathe.  His parents rushed to get the LifeVac, laid their child on the floor, and on the one attempt dislodged the obstruction freeing his airway.

“Elliott was sitting in his high chair eating flat pretzels like he had a million times before. For some reason, this time was different and he began to silently choke. Within moments, my husband and I had taken him out of his seat, laid him on the floor, and put the life across that we kept under the kitchen sink over his face. After one hard pump, the pretzel was dislodged. Had I not seen a late-night ad for LifeVac and decided that the price was worth ensuring that my child’s life was saved in the event of a choking emergency, I’m sure we would have had a much different and awful rest of our year and life. I am forever grateful for this invention and I now plan to include it in every baby shower gift I give. Thank you from the bottom of our hearts for keeping our family together.”