LifeVac Registers 84th Life Saved

Another child has been saved! We are delighted to share that this is the 84th life that LifeVac has saved worldwide. Here is the parent’s testimonial:

“We almost lost our son due to a choking incident with a grape in October 2019. Unfortunately, we did not own a LifeVac back then and he was ultimately saved by a team effort of us, neighbors, and paramedics. After our son’s first incident, we now have a LifeVac at home and in both cars. He has since had two other issues with choking. He choked during breakfast on a piece of hard-boiled egg that created a full blockage in his airway. With one pull of the LifeVac, the egg came flying out of his mouth and the ordeal was over in seconds. He was two years old at the time. “