LifeVac Registers 88th Life Saved from Choking

Rocío, Four years old, Overcomes a Choking Emergency Thanks to LifeVac

This beautiful four-year-old girl suffered a choking last September. Rocío’s mother wanted to share a happy ending with all of us.

Rocío was having fish for dinner at her home in Madrid with her mother when she choked on one of the pieces of food, which caused an airway obstruction.

Her mother then tried to move the fragment that prevented her from breathing, patting the girl on the back, without getting Rocío to expel the piece blocked in her throat.

The two were home alone, so she decided to use the LifeVac device, managing to release the food. “It has been one of the worst moments of my life,” says Lourdes, Rocío’s mother.

“I gave him sharp blows on the back but couldn’t unblock him. We were alone at home and I remembered LifeVac. I grabbed it and mounted as fast as I could, and started sucking. And in one of these suctions everything came out ”he tells us.

“It’s a relief to have a LifeVac close by, ” he says. “I’ve never used it before, but having a LifeVac on hand gives security”

Knowing how to deal with these accidents is essential since in the event of complete obstruction, time is vital. Remember that after 4 minutes brain damage begins and in just 10 minutes, death is very possible. Therefore, should the standard protocol fail, LifeVac becomes a critical option for success.