LifeVac Saves 102nd Life

LifeVac has the pleasure to share news of the 102nd life saved.  This precious 2-year-old boy began choking a chicken nugget.  Both parents performed choking protocol procedures (back blows) but were unsuccessful. The child’s father used the LifeVac several times dislodging the chicken nugget.  When first responders arrived at the residence, the obstruction was already removed The child was taken to the hospital where he was evaluated and received a clean bill of health. Here is the parent’s testimonial:

“When my wife and I purchased the LifeVac we saw it as a safe investment. Better safe than sorry. As a person who works in the healthcare industry and trained in BLS, when my 2-year-old started choking on a chicken nugget I immediately had two thoughts. The first was to start the Heimlich maneuver and the second was to get the LifeVac! Every second count when you’re in a situation like this and I am super grateful to have had the LifeVac!”

“This brings the whole mission together! I started LifeVac to be able to save my daughter, Jackie. We persevere to save others. This is the beautiful little Massapequa boy saved by his dad and LifeVac. Keep fighting LifeVacers !!!”