LifeVac Saves 104th Life

LifeVac registers our 104th life saved. We proudly share that another child has been saved by his mother and LifeVac after the child began choking on a tag from a toy. Here is the mom’s testimonial:

“I was iffy about the price as well. I actually kept hesitating for over 2 months on buying this. I finally just decided to go ahead and buy it. I figured, yeah it may be a bit expensive, but with a 4, 5, and 6 year old and a 7-month-old- it seemed logical to at least have it on hand. I received it in the mail a week ago. This morning my 7-month-old pulled a tag off a toy and put it in his mouth. He inhaled it. After doing the normal protocol for a choking baby- sweeping the mouth- back pats etc. he started turning purple, his airway was completely blocked. I ran for the LifeVac. I only had to use it one time and it pulled the tag right out and I was able to sweep it out of his mouth. It literally saved my baby’s life. So yeah- it does seem a bit pricey, but I would pay the price tag a million times over if it meant saving my child’s life. It terrifies me to think if I had hesitated for a week longer my baby would have lost his life today. I will advocate for this product 100%. I will forever be grateful for this life-saving device. Thank you LifeVac USA”