LifeVac Saves 11-Month-Old from Choking – 43rd Saved Life

On November 29th, LifeVac USA was informed once again of saving another life.  11 month old, Meadow was eating an orange when it became lodged in her throat.  She was coughing and gagging at first but it quickly turned into a full airway obstruction and the child was turning purple. Her mother quickly removed her from the high chair and administered back blows and the Heimlich but all attempts were unsuccessful.  She laid her child on the floor utilizing the LifeVac which dislodged the obstruction saving her child’s life. She was checked by a medical professional the same day.

Testimonial from the parent on Facebook

“My baby almost died tonight, and I’m still so sick to my stomach over it. #LifeVac saved her life. My daughter was sitting in her high chair snacking on an orange when she started choking. I pulled her out and tried back blows, but she only seemed to worsen. I tried the Heimlich but that didn’t help either and what was partial seemed to become a full blockage as she started turning purple. I had my LifeVac on the counter because we only bought it about 2 weeks ago. Thank God I was able to dislodge the orange piece and she started to recover. A little voice kept bringing me back to the LifeVac, and I’m so glad I listened and purchased it. I’ve saved our girls from choking 3-4 times before, sometimes backblows and sometimes the heimlich. This time was different and so much worse. I was completely helpless had I not had this life saving device. I highly recommend every house have a LifeVac on hand, as well as daycares and schools. I’m sooooo thankful to God and LifeVac that my baby is full of life.”