LifeVac Saves 2-Year-old Boy Choking on Strawberry – #278

We are delighted to announce our 278th life saved.

It was reported to us on January 29th that a 2-year-old boy choked on a strawberry causing a partial obstruction.  The child’s mother attempted back blows but was unable to dislodge the food.  Thankfully she had her LifeVac and was able to remove the strawberry after one attempt.

Here is the mom’s testimonial:

“LifeVac immediately removed the strawberry from my son’s throat. One place, push, pull and it came out.  Two adults tried to remove the food before I ran for the LifeVac. Thankfully it was close by, and we were able to use it quickly before he showed any signs of something more serious (turning blue, passing out, etc.). We never got that point because we had the LifeVac and it worked so quickly”