LifeVac Saves 6-Month-Old Baby Girl – #240

LifeVac is delighted to announce our 240th life saved.  A 6-month-old girl choked on a piece of a pear.  Choking rescue procedures were performed but were unsuccessful. LifeVac was used one time and dislodged the obstruction saving the child’s life.  “We were able to get the piece of pear out immediately after use.”

Father’s testimonial:

On 12/23/2021 my wife gave our baby a piece of pear.  I noticed that she was gagging on it and checked her mouth. I quickly realized she was choking. I told my wife she was choking and she immediately started back thrusts while I went and grabbed the LifeVac. When I got it assembled, we put her back on the ground and used it once and the pear came out! We were so relieved! My wife said to order a mobile kit so that we always have one with us. Thank you for the amazing gadget!