LifeVac Saves 7-Year-Old from Choking on Quarter – #246

LifeVac announces our 246th life saved

It has been reported to us that on December 10th LifeVac was used to help save the life of a 7-year-old boy. The child was choking on a quarter causing a partial obstruction.  Choking rescue procedures were performed by the child’s parent but failed.  LifeVac was then applied to the young boy’s face while sitting on his parent’s lap. On the 3rd attempt, the quarter was dislodged saving his life.

“After the choking issue, we took our son to the hospital to get checked. Once examined, he was released to go home. We monitored him closely for a few hours and it seems that he is doing well. Thank you LifeVac! I am sold for life.”