LifeVac Saves 83rd Life

We are thrilled to share that LifeVac has saved another life!  This is an incredible story of a mom who saved her daughter when she choked back in March of 2020 has now given GIFT OF LIFE to a 38-year-old girl she cares for.

“Your company’s device saved my daughter and you were gracious enough to send me multiple units to donate to choose schools, nursing homes, and day programs near me. I have amazing news! As you know, I’m a Home Healthcare Worker. I take care of a girl who cannot walk or talk (she has microcephaly) and I have been her CNA. She is severely disabled and functions at the cognitive level of about a 3-year-old even though she is 38. Well, since she often chokes during meals due to not fully knowing how to chew (I hand feed her), I gifted her parents one of the devices you sent to me. Well, the other day, Carrie choked on chicken, and her mother, who is usually able to fish it out with her finger, couldn’t even reach it. We started to panic because we couldn’t get it out and then I remembered we had the device in the kitchen. I grabbed it and used it on my client because she could no longer cough and nothing else was working. It took 2 push and pulls and the chicken came up. Now, having witnessed this device save TWO lives right in front of me, I’m convinced it’s a lifesaving breakthrough. Thank you for saving my client. I am forever grateful and so are her parents.”