LifeVac Saves a Life in Spain – #208

LifeVac registers its 208th life saved.

LifeVac Europe is thrilled to announce the news that we have helped save another life in a choking emergency, this time within a nursing home in Murcia, Spain.

It was reported to LifeVac Europe through our distributor, LifeVac Spain (LifeVac es), an 89-year-old female was enjoying her dinner when she came into difficulty. A piece of meat became stuck in her airway creating a partial airway obstruction.

Due to the resident being of a large build and having restricted mobility, it was impossible to deliver the abdominal thrusts.

The nurse proceeded to lay the female resident on her side, the second nurse who was also helping with the choking incident, went retrieved their LifeVac kit.

Within seconds of LifeVac being applied, the airway clearance device dislodged the piece of meat from the resident’s airway.

“Easy to use in persons with a lot of weight, reduced mobility” – Nurse