LifeVac Saves Another Toddler from Choking – #273

We are thrilled to share news of our 273rd life saved

It has been reported to us that on January 22nd, a ​17-month-old, baby girl choked on a club cracker. Her mom attempted choking rescue procedures but to no avail…  LifeVac was used only one time.

Baby girl saved from choking with LifeVac

Here is the mom’s testimonial on the choking scare:

“With one pull it dislocated the obstruction, It 100% saved my child’s life” “Myself and my two children were in the kitchen making banana bread. My daughter was snacking on a club cracker as my oldest was mixing, I heard her cough, and it didn’t sound normal. She started reaching for her mouth repeatedly and I knew she was choking. I flipped her over and gave her 3-4 back blows. When that didn’t work, I ran with her to get the LifeVac. I tried a few more back blows, but her lips and mouth turned blue. I laid her down and gave one push and pull with the LifeVac and it pulled the cracker right out. I am grateful beyond words for the device and know in my heart it saved her life.