LifeVac Saves the Life of 2 Year Old Girl – 71st Save

All of us at LifeVac are thrilled to hear about another young life saved from choking. Read about the event below.

Testimonial from the child’s mother:

“First let me start by saying that my beautiful, smart, and full of life 2-year-old daughter would not be with me today without LifeVac.

Eva was sitting next to me, eating a piece of candy in our living room when I watched her suck in and start choking. Immediately I knew her airway was completely blocked and I started administering back blows. There was no coughing, no gasping, no crying screams – the complete lack of breath sounds were terrifying. Eva was desperately trying to reach down her throat with her hands and she was turning red to blue quickly. I administered back blows for 30 seconds or more, flipping her back and forth to try and help dislodge the candy, to no avail. I remembered the LifeVac I had purchased more than a year ago (when she first started eating solid foods) stashed under my kitchen sink. I prayed in my head that the device would work because I feared if I had to call 911 first responders would arrive too late. I only had to use the device once (place, plunge, pull) and the candy popped out right into the mask! After a good bit of consoling, Eva was completely fine. I do want to point out that the device is so easy to use, even in times of panic. I had read the directions and assembled the device one time prior to it’s use over a year ago! I didn’t have time to look at them again before I used it on my daughter.

Thank you again for making such a wonderful device – and ultimately saving my daughter’s life.”