LifeVac Saves Woman Choking on Corn – 149

LifeVac registers its 149th life saved.  We are delighted to share the news that LifeVac saved the life of a 43-year-old woman who choked on a piece of corn on the cob. causing a total blockage. Choking rescue procedures were performed by her husband but failed.  LifeVac was used and successfully dislodged the obstruction before first responders arrived.  She was taken to the hospital for a full evaluation and released with a clean bill of health.  Choking victim states: “Everyone should have one of these LifeVacs, I would like to add that every single first responder should have this on the vehicles, every school and teacher should have one handy. I’m 100% sure that my husband saved my life with LifeVac, I’m here with my kids and family because he knew what to do and he had the necessary tools, LiveVac.”