LifeVac Saves Woman in Wheelchair from Choking – #297

LifeVac is delighted to share news of our 297th life saved

On January 26th a 32-year-old female with Cerebral Palsy began choking on a piece of bread and a mixture of other food.  The food caused almost a full blockage of her airway.  Her mother who is CPR trained did a finger sweep but was unsuccessful in dislodging the obstruction. The Heimlich could not be performed as the young woman is a wheelchair user and has an intrathecal pain pump. The LifeVac was retrieved quickly and on the 3rd attempt, the food was successfully dislodged saving her life.

“This is a lifesaver.  We’ve used the LifeVac in several other choking emergencies.  Everyone should have one.”

Woman with Cerebral Palsy saved with LifeVac