LifeVac Used to Save 3-Year-old Boy from Choking on a Nut – #190

LifeVac is excited to share news of our 190th life saved.

A 3-year-old boy choked on a metal nut causing partial airway obstruction.  The little boy was coughing, choking, and then gasping for air. The child’s mother attempted back blows to dislodge the obstruction but attempts were unsuccessful.  She called 911!  While on speaker with the operator providing the home address she ran to the cabinet and grabbed the LifeVac.  She used the LifeVac and in the second Place, Push, Pull motion the nut was dislodged. “We were able to clear the blockage and cancel the ambulance call, although the sheriff’s department did show up a few minutes later just to check on us. I don’t even want to think what could have happened if we didn’t have the LifeVac!”

Mom’s post after choking incident:
“I am pretty sure I just lost 10 years off my life. My son went into the pantry because he kept asking me for some Halloween candy. Next thing I know, I hear him cough and start to gag. I tried getting him to cough whatever it was out but when that didn’t help I called 911 and grabbed the Life Vac that I stashed in the kitchen, just in case. While still on the phone with 911, I used the Life Vac and was able to get him to cough up this huge nut that he had apparently found and put in his mouth. I canceled the ambulance but the sheriff’s dept showed up just to check on us. If you don’t already have one, get a Life Vac!”