LifeVac Used to Save Little Girl that had a Seizure and Choked – #357

LifeVac is delighted to share news of our 357th life saved

On May 10th a 2-year-old little girl began to choke while having a febrile seizure.  Here is the mother’s terrifying story of the day her daughter choked.

“I wanted you to know that I believe that the LifeVac saved my daughter’s life on Monday. She went into a febrile seizure and then wasn’t able to breathe because her nose was so stuffed up, that her entire head turned purple.  She was entirely limp and foaming at the mouth. I thought she was dead, she is only 2. I used the LifeVac because the ambulance wasn’t there yet and I had no idea when they were coming and it was my only choice, she wasn’t breathing. Well, one, two, and maybe three suctions later her nose cleared and possibly the foam from her mouth and she started a gurgling breath and slowly opened her eyes and started breathing!

A few moments later, she was able to kind of cry, it was a miracle. If anything, it kept her from being unconscious for another few minutes until help arrived and possibly stopped neurological damage. I just know deep down, that this worked for that moment and particular situation.  I have played the scenario over and over and over again in my mind.  I am her mother and I KNOW this is why she started breathing again. Thank you is not enough, she is the only child I had late in life and if I lost her, let’s just say, you saved two lives, not just one.”