LifeVac Used to Save Woman in Scotland Care Home – #446

LifeVac is delighted to share news on our 446th life saved

Our partners in the UK shared the news:

“It was reported to us from a care home situated in Scotland that LifeVac was again deployed in a choking emergency. Helping save another life when all else failed. A 92-year-old female, who suffers from Dementia and relies on a wheelchair for daily tasks choked during mealtime. The elderly female was enjoying her cheese and onion pasty. A large piece of pasty became lodged, creating a full airway obstruction.

Staff acted quickly and accordingly delivering BLS first aid choking protocol. Unfortunately, these techniques were unable to dislodge the patient’s airway obstruction.  Staff quickly grabbed their LifeVac device and applied it to the resident who was in a sitting position. On the 3rd PLACE – PUSH – PULL, LifeVac dislodged the food bolus saving the elderly female’s life.”