Man Saved by LifeVac After Allergic Reaction – #407

LifeVac is delighted to share news of our 407th life saved.

A 41-year-old male choked on rice causing a partial obstruction. Here is the testimonial from his wife:

“I used the LifeVac on my husband. I had actually used the same device on our toddler about a year ago for a small potato chip that partially blocked his throat. My husband seemed to have a kind of allergy to something in the rice that we bought at a local restaurant. The allergy must have caused his throat to swell and close. The rice wasn’t going down, so he tried to drink a little bit of water only to realize the water was dripping slowly down his throat.

He couldn’t speak this whole time but there was just enough air going through that he was still mobile and conscious. He finally mentioned the emergency room as he was having more and more trouble breathing and speaking due to rice stuck in his throat. He could only speak a few words at a time. We tried to stay calm because anxiety, fear, and panic only make matters worse and would have really put us in a worse position. As soon as he mentioned something stuck in his throat, I rushed to get the LifeVac.
He laid down, and after the second pump, the rice was dislodged.

We’re so grateful to have had the LifeVac. We were already grateful because something similar happened to our toddler but now even more so that it saved my husband too. Every family needs this in their home.”