Mom Saves Her Son from Choking Using LifeVac – #161

LifeVac received exciting news of a mother saving her son from choking. Our 161st life saved to date.

Here is the mom’s testimonial on the frightening choking scare.

“Today I fixed JD a Turkey and cheese sandwich for lunch, as he wished. I was in the kitchen with my daughter supervising her while she used the stove and he was in the living room eating.  My son came from the living room to the kitchen holding his neck and trying to breathe but not making a sound. I immediately tried to do the back thrusts but when 5 of those didn’t work, I looked at my daughter and told her to call 911 and I grabbed this contraption, the LifeVac. At this point, he was turning blue and starting to fade.  Because I have prior training, I knew how to do a proper seal – and it only took one suction to completely remove the sandwich from his airway.  By the time my daughter got to her phone, unlocked it, and started to dial 911 – she heard her brother take a deep breath and start crying and saying “I’m good don’t take me to the hospital!”

All thanks to LifeVac USA and Dad for randomly buying me one. All of my house belongings are in a shipping container – but while the movers were here I decided to keep this out and in the kitchen. I’m extremely thankful I did.  Please get one for your house. JD is 4, can chew extremely well – but he told me the bread of the sandwich “became a ball in his throat.”