Older Man Saved by Good Samaritan with LifeVac – #313

LifeVac is thrilled to share details on our 313th life saved.

Another good samaritan leaped into action at the Eggs Up Grill in Murrells Inlet.  On March 31st an elderly gentleman began choking on a piece of bacon while having lunch with his wife.  Seeing he was struggling to breathe another customer immediately attempted to help perform the Heimlich. Choking rescue procedures were unsuccessful and the gentleman went unconscious. Staff at the Eggs up Grill ran to retrieve the LifeVac.  The kitchen manager assembled the unit quickly with the adult mask.  She quickly used the device and on the second attempt, the obstruction was dislodged.

“When I did the first try with the LifeVac you could see him come back and he coughed. I did it the second time and the piece of bacon came out and he just woke up like nothing had happened. He didn’t even remember or feel anything.   Paramedics arrived a few minutes later. The gentleman was talking and doing fine. He was evaluated by paramedics. The LifeVac was really easy to use and all of us at Eggs up Grill 707 are very grateful we have one.”

This is the 15 reported usage by a good samaritan.  These individuals are incredible heroes!