Parent Saves 4-Year-Old Boy with LifeVac – #465

LifeVac announces our 465th life saved

On August 20th it was reported to us that a 4-year-old little boy choked on a biscuit causing what the parent believes was a total obstruction. The child’s parent attempted choking rescue protocol but even with several attempts back blows dislodge the piece of biscuit. Thankfully they had a LifeVac!  On the first Place, Push, Pull motion the LifeVac successfully opened his airway, and he could breathe.

“The LifeVac pulled up the biscuit that was blocking his airway. It pulled out some of the food into the LifeVac unit and the rest into his mouth that he spit out. I’m beyond grateful that we had this because nothing else was working.”