Woman Chokes on Steak and Saved with LifeVac – #390

LifeVac announces our 390th life saved.

It was reported to us that on April 30th a 50-year-old woman experienced a choking emergency.  The report states the female choked on a piece of steak causing a total obstruction.  BLS protocol was carried out but was not successful in dislodging the steak.  While the woman was still sitting the LifeVac was retrieved and after several attempts the steak dislodged.
Paramedics arrived and checked her vital signs. We are thankful she is okay!

“It brought the steak closer at the end someone swept the mouth and pulled it out. The Heimlich wasn’t doing anything so my guess is that it brought the steak up enough to be able to be pulled out. It’ll happen very fast and was very scary.”